• Chatlang

    Chatlang ( is an LLM-powered role-playing bot with parallel tutor assistance.

  • Kubishi Sentences

    Kubishi Sentences ( is an LLM-powered sentence builder/translator for the Owens Valley Paiute Language.

  • GCN-Turtlebot

    GCN-based Scheduler for Distributing Computation in the Internet of Robotic Things

    This project explores how graph convolutional neural networks can be trained to immitate well-known task-graph scheduling algorithms for fast re-scheduling over networks with highly dynamic communication links. First-place winner of The 2nd Student Design Competition on Networked Computing on the Edge at CPS IoT Week 2022.

  • Tendermint Tutorial Demo

    This is a short introductory tutorial on Tendermint consisting of a two-part video series and code to get started. Part 1 is a brief introduction to blockchain, Tendermint consensus, and the ABCI (Application Blockchain Interface). Part 2 is a tutorial demo which viewers can run themselves and follow along. No installation required - just click the 'Open with GitPod' in the GitHub Repo!

  • Kubishi

    Kubishi ( is an online dictionary and encyclopedia for Owens Valley Paiute language and culture. The Owens Valley Paiute language is critically endangered. Kubishi is one resource in the fight (led by Tribes of the Owens Valley) to reverse the damage inflicted by generations of forced assimilation and colonialism. The goal of this project is to help promote and preserve Owens Valley Paiute language and culture, but also to provide an open-source toolset for other tribal nations to do the same.